Keeping logs of the weekly readings have helped me to practice analyzing sources and forming my interpretation of historical events. During this semester I read about many different topics which helped me understand more about Canadian History. I especially loved learning about minority groups in Canada and how they kept their identity. I have included reading logs 3-8 because I believe they are my best log assignments.

Reading log #3 is about women during the fur trade. Telling how these women were strong and just as necessary for running businesses as men.

Reading log #4 is about the Acadian people and their loyalty to their cultural identity.

Reading log #5 is about the story of Chloe Cooley and how her story started the road to abolishing slavery in Canada.

Reading log #6 is about Barkerville and how Indigenous people lived and worked in the area.

Reading log #7 is about the french tradition of Charivaris and how in the Canadas it turned into a way of political protesting.

Reading log #8 is about dueling in Canada and how it was often used to defend a man’s honour or a woman’s integrity.